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Open Road Media gave me an early Christmas surprise -- Rumer Godden's In This House of Brede is finally available as an ebook. It seems to be at a sale price today (Friday the 16th), at least in the U.S. -- Amazon and Barnes and Noble have it for $2.99, and Google Play for $1.99. (Regular ebook price is apparently going to be $14.99 -- ouch!)

I've loved this book ever since I first read it. The characters fascinate me, and it's an excellent example of omniscient viewpoint done very well indeed.
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Sarah McCarry, All Our Pretty Songs. A YA novel (I'd call it urban fantasy, though it doesn't fit with much of what's currently called urban fantasy) about the friendship of two girls and what happens to it when they meet a talented musician. Beautiful writing and imagery, with a lot of mythological & fairy tale references and intriguing characters. Recently for work I'd read most of Kristin Hersh's memoir of her friendship with Vic Chesnut, Don't Suck, Don't Die; McCarry's book, though fiction and in a different style, has a lot of the same feel to it.

Middle Son really likes Jeff Smith's Bone graphic novel series; I'd looked at bits of it and finally decided I should read the whole thing. It was well worth the read -- an interesting fantasy world with legends remembered differently by different groups, great characters (Grandma Ben! the Bones! the Stupid Rat Creatures! Bartleby!), interesting art. Heartily recommended. (And if you're in the U.S. and have a child who brings home Scholastic flyers from school, you can order the set through their online catalog.)
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After several weeks on the waiting list, I finally checked out Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up from the library.

Summary: I can see why many people like it, but it's not for me. )
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This is just to say that Sir Nigel Anstruthers is one of the most vile characters I've ever encountered in fiction. I like a lot of parts of The Shuttle, but if I want a comfortable read, I'll pull up T. Tembarom instead. Sir Nigel is up there with Tien Vorsoisson in the "if your real-life partner starts treating you like this, run now" lessonbook.


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