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Things that the world is missing, probably for a reason: a Sherlock/Cars crossover featuring the Mrs. Hudson Hornet.
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(Does anyone else keep wanting to call it Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Thrones?)

Saw it. I enjoyed it more than the first one, but definitely because I went into it with the right mindset: see things go boom, pretty pretty destruction.

possible spoilers ahead )
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1. Survived a trip to my parents', involving plane travel with the chronologically challenged and a few afternoons with seven boys (all under the age of eight except for the autistic preteen) running around together. It was great fun, and it's going to take me weeks to catch up on my DW/LJ reading. If I usually comment on your fic and haven't lately, that's why. (If you're writing a particular Sherlock crossover, I'm saving it as my reward reading for after I get another chunk of the Fic of Doom done.)

2. Trip threw off my 60-for-60 writing; will write a makeup fic later.

3. The ACD/BBC Sherlock Holmes Crossover Fic of Doom is now about a third done, I think. (Just under 20K words in the coherent in-order draft, plus another 20k of later scenes, and I expect anywhere from 10 to 30k later fill-in yet to be written.)

4. The working title is "Not Dead Yet", which is thematically appropriate but, I suspect, too closely linked to Monty Python to work as the actual title for a story that isn't intended to be crack. I still haven't found anything I like better, though.

5. If anyone is interested in betaing what I've got in the coherent draft so far, I'm at the point where it'd be useful. (Given the time of year, I don't expect a quick turnaround; I'd hoped to finish before Sherlock season 2 airs in the UK, but I don't see that happening.)

6. Damn, I've got to get my Yuletide fic written too. (800 words so far, and getting it over 1000 will be easy, but I think it's more like a 3000-word story. Ack!)

7. I want to see a game that's a crossover between Angry Birds and Pocoyo. It would of course be called Sleepy Birds and have a plain white background; you catapult Sleepy Bird at a picture of an object, and if you hit it, Pocoyo jumps out and shouts the object's name.

8. Yes, I have a preschooler. How could you tell? (Quick! Under the table!)

9. I'm debating whether to try and see the new RDJ!Holmes movie in the theater. On the one hand, I wasn't especially enamored of the first one (aspects had some merit, but there's a reason I never bought the DVD). On the other hand, I now know to approach the franchise as steampunk action flick rather than Sherlock Holmes story, and if I'm viewing it that way, big screen is the way to see this puppy.

10. There are actually three movies out now or coming soon that I want to see enough to consider seeing in the theater. This has not been the case in years.

11. Writing this post is not helping me make progress on Yuletide story or Fic of Doom.
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1. Still alive. Massively behind on DW/LJ reading due to Holmesian Fic of Doom. On balance, I'm okay with that, since it means I'm actually writing.

2. 11K words in the in-order draft, plus another 15K in out-of-order scenes. And given past experience, by time I write the remaining scenes and transitions, this thing's going to hit at least 40K words. Possibly longer. We'll see.

3. After I finish this fic, I really need to see if I can muddle through original fic again.

4. Sometime in the next couple weeks I need to write my Yuletide fic too.

5. At least I got a fandom I can handle. And I know what the scenario is for the story. So that's something.

6. If you have any interest in Eastern European folk dances and you have the opportunity to take a workshop with Cristian Florescu and Sonia Dion, do it. They're excellent teachers.

7. Drat, I still haven't written my Hound of the Baskervilles 60 for 60 fic.

8. Woof.

9. Also attempting to knit a pair of socks by December 12. I'm making better progress than I'd expected, but I'm only about 30% through them. However, postage to Canada being what it is, I have motivation to finish in time to give to the recipient in person rather than ship them.

10. There is water falling from the sky, and the temperature is below 70F/20C. Am I really still in Texas?

11. What would the Hound and Old Yeller have to say to each other if they meet in the canine afterlife?

12. Finished plying a skein of yarn that I'd been spinning for a few weeks. I've been knitting for over 30 years; I'm jaded by the fact that one can turn yarn into sweaters/socks/sundries. But being able to turn fluffy stuff into yarn? That's cool.


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