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Reruns of The Great British Bake Off are showing on our local PBS station, and Spouse was watching it this afternoon. At one point, ominous music accompanied the failure of a cake.

SPOUSE: Wow, is someone about to get killed? This sounds more like a murder mystery. Is there poison in one of the cakes?

CASTIRON: Midsomer Bake Off?

SPOUSE: I'd watch that.
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Youngest child is very into Frozen, and middle child, while claiming to dislike it, can be regularly caught singing "Let it Go" or "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"

So after reading some reviews of the Macavoy & Radcliffe Frankenstein, I now have "Do you want to build a monster?" going through my head.
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Middle Child to Youngest Child: "Maple syrup is tree blood. So when we eat maple syrup on our waffles, we're being vampires of trees!"
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[while middle son is watching sundry Love Bug & sequels clips on Youtube]

Spouse: This person online is theorizing that Herbie is just Christine toned down for kids.

Castiron: Huh, no one appears to ever have written Herbie/Christine.


Spouse: You know, the timing actually works for KITT to be the offspring of Christine and Herbie.

[No, this is not what I'm requesting for Yuletide.]
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(After yet another morning of PBS Kids)

Spouse: Curious George would be so much better if it turned out to be a crossover with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Then at the end you could have the Man in the Yellow Hat walking around the psychiatric hospital carrying his toy monkey.

Other crossovers we came up with:

The Man in the Yellow Wallpaper. (George proves way too difficult to live with.)

I Am Curious, George, a documentary about bonobos. [Yes, we know that George is a monkey and bonobos are apes.])
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"And now that they've been pushed into the ocean, Godzilla and MechaGodzilla will perform a synchronized swimming act!"

Middle Son was suitably amused/perplexed.

(This is Godzilla. This, in spite of appearances, is MechaGodzilla. Middle Son takes after me in renaming his toys after characters in his fandoms.)
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In the "fun with middle son's bizarre syntax" department:

Middle son: I want to see four white boys with instruments on Youtube.

Castiron: ????

Middle son: The four boys with white dresses!

Castiron:  Oh, you want to see the Greek Thinkers song.

(Are the Horrible Histories books worth acquiring?  Our library doesn't have any of them in English [though they have three volumes in Spanish], so I can't check them out that way.)


In the "fun with random baby activity and good timing" department:

[Youngest son, in bout of random arm flailing, hits forehead with back of hand.]

Castiron: Oh, I see, you were in the British Army in a former life.

Younger son:  [brief smile]

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1.   You know those decals that parents put in their car's rear window to brag about what school sport their kid plays?  (For readers unfamiliar with this bit of possibly-regional American culture, here's an example.)  Spouse keeps saying he wants to make and sell some with first names of famous dictators.  I now want a set that references Marvel's Avengers -- "Clint" with a bow and arrow, "Thor" with a hammer, "Tony" with a science-club-ish logo, etc.

2.  Tonight's household discussion began with The Cat in the Hat and ended with the idea of William Shatner, Time Lord.  (Yes, there was actually a logical progression.)  (If a Time Lord was a redshirt, would anyone notice that they were regenerating?)

3.  And on that note, is there a Doctor Who fic where Martha Jones says "I'm a doctor, not a TIme Lord"?

4.  Now that we have a PC working well enough to run The Master Genealogist, I've been doing a little bit of genealogy research online, and I've found the marriage licenses for my paternal grandmother's second and third marriages.  (#2 we knew about; #3 we didn't.)  It's very interesting which records list her as widowed (1940 census; marriage license #3 [when there was a license for husband #2 marrying someone else a couple years earlier) and which list her as divorced (marriage license #2, which was after the 1940 census).  (Divorced was almost certainly the correct status, though I've never been able to find any documentation; if the Los Angeles Superior Court's archive & records center is open to the public, some day I want to go there and see what I can find.)

5.  What's especially interesting: When I searched the census index for husband #1, my grandfather (or at least, the person who I get my surname from), who I know was actually alive in 1940 (and for many years afterwards), I did find a person with the right name, age, and birth state...who was an inmate in a federal prison.   While I can't confirm that it's the right guy, if he is, it would certainly explain why my dad and his siblings were told that their father died overseas in WWII when in fact he was alive.

6.  Sadly, everyone who'd know what the heck was really going on with my grandparents is long dead, and they probably wouldn't have been willing to tell the gory truth anyway.

7.  Genealogy is really fun.

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Me to spouse:  "You know, if we had named kid #3 Faraday, then we could've called his playpen the Faraday Cage."

Chekhov's Baby: If there is an infant being fed on stage in Act 1, then there must be a full diaper by Act 3.

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Spouse's new idea for a horror movie: "The Island of Dr. Thoreau."

(Presumably it's full of people claiming to be going back to nature and the simple life while mooching off their friends.)

And then there's the Island of Yves Moreau, where strange and horrifying creatures do Bulgarian and Quebecois folk dances....
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Lack of sleep has caught up with both spouse and myself, so minimal Ring-watching last night and tonight. However:

1. Siegfried looks way too much like Theoden in the PJ LOTR. And Hagen looks eerily like one of the guys from our folk dance group.

2. Spouse: Okay, I'm confused. How did Brunhilde get the ring?

Castiron: Alberich made it; Wotan took it from Alberich; Wotan was forced to give it to Fasolt; Fafner killed Fasolt and took it from him; Siegfried killed Fafner and took it from him; Siegfried voluntarily gave it to Brunhilde, so Siegfried's Bilbo and Brunhilde's Frodo.

Spouse: Brunhilde's a lot cuter than Frodo.

3. Castiron: It looks like a zombie horse.

Spouse: That would be different.

Castiron: At least it won't mess up the stage.

Spouse: Unless pieces fall off.

Castiron: Do zombie horses eat human brains or horse brains?

4. Castiron: Hey, if Alberich's last name were Daz, then his son would be Hagen Daz!

5. Many imitations of Anna Russell's "She's his aunt, by the way."

Castiron: Ew. She's his aunt on both sides. That's even worse.

Spouse: It's Star Wars! "Siegfried, I *am* your aunt."


Not staying up till one to watch till the end, but overall, we've enjoyed the performances enough that I've got the DVD on my wishlist.
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(Castiron arrives home from errand.)

Spouse: You haven't missed much; they haven't figured out they're brother and sister yet.


Castiron: Ewww. This opera is making me glad that my sons don't have a sister.


[Spouse comes back from putting short people to bed.]

Castiron: You've just missed a half hour of Wotan and Fricka arguing. There's one for dangerous jobs -- Marriage Counselor to the Gods.

Spouse: Why does Fricka have Madeline Kahn hair?

Castiron: Oh, like in Young Frankenstein? I think it's just a reflection. [waits for next closeup] No, it's a hair ornament.

Spouse: Why did Mel Brooks never do a takeoff on the Ring?


Castiron: Yeah, she's figured out that Wotan's been sleeping around a bit. His child support payments must be amazing.

Spouse: Eh, he's a god; he can get away with it. Hey, with the eyepatch, Wotan looks like that hangman that keeps appearing in Mel Brooks movies. [a minute later] It's good to be a god.


Spouse: Why haven't the Muppets done the Ring?

Castiron: Miss Piggy as Fricka; she wouldn't even have to act.

Spouse: I can't quite see Kermit as Wotan, though.

Castiron: Janice as Brunhilde?

Spouse: "Oh, like, wow, great battle!"

Castiron: Gonzo and Camilla as Siegmund and Sieglinde?


Castiron: Is it just me, or does Brunhilde look like Maggie Smith?

Spouse: She must not have been very busy.

Castiron: Yeah, she probably just decided that if she was going to sing in a Wagner opera, she'd better do it now before she doesn't have the stamina.


[We both take a break; Castiron goes outside for five minutes to take out the rest of the trash and comes back in to discover that the battle scene at the end of act II is half over.]

Castiron: That figures. Forty minutes of expressive singing, and then as soon as I leave the room, the plot happens.


Spouse: What are those, the guns on a battleship?

Castiron: Valkyrie seesaws?


We quit for the night shortly afterwards, so I have no comments on the magic fire-surrounded rock, which we'll presumably see tomorrow anyway.

I do have to say, though, that Anna Russell's analysis of The Ring of the Nibelungs is an excellent preparation for watching the real thing. Plot synopsis, major leitmotifs, and a recognition that this really is over-the-top stuff.
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[insert random commentary on the Rhinemaidens' costumes, though actually they do a darn good job singing while suspended]

Spouse: What kind of costume is Alberich supposed to be wearing?

Castiron: Maybe he's an extra from The Hobbit.

[On better look, he's clearly an extra from the pay-per-view edition of The Hobbit.]


Spouse: Hey, Alberich looks like Lister from Red Dwarf.


Spouse: It's glam-rock Wotan! Hey, Wotan looks like Meatloaf.

Castiron: Rocky Horror Ring Cycle?


Castiron: Oh, that's why they did that thing with Wotan's hairstyle; it's to show that he's one-eyed.

Spouse: What, they couldn't temporarily surgically remove the singer's eye for the duration of the show? There's no dedication to art anymore.


[large chunk of opera missed due to older son arriving home, but it's nice background music]


Spouse: My, the costume designers were really inspired by American pop culture; I swear that I've seen the guy playing Loge on Saturday Night Live.


Spouse: Oh, now I recognize him! It's Eraserhead!

Castiron: What, like the David Lynch movie?

Spouse: Yeah! And didn't John Lithgow once play a creepy role where he had that hairstyle?

Castiron: ....


Overall, good enough that we'll likely watch the next three nights (and I'll likely buy the DVD if one is released); I'm hoping the Ride of the Valkyries occurs when younger son is still awake, as he recognizes the music from The Blues Brothers.

Tangentially, someone *has* to have written a Thor fanfic where Thor and Loki watch the Ring Cycle and Loki snarks the inaccuracies.
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(while younger son is watching Youtube videos of computer-animated car crashes -- he'll actively ask for "Phun car crash 2")

Castiron: Car crashes and the alphabet. A book with the two of those together would be perfect for him.

Spouse: Like the Gashlycrumb Tinies for automobiles?

Castiron: A is for Alfa Romeo, driven off a cliff....

Spouse: Top Gear does Edward Gorey.
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1. On the Branagh/Thompson Much Ado about Nothing:

Spouse: This music is just completely wrong for this opening sequence. It's too bombastic.

Castiron: Imagine what it'd do to the tone if they'd used the Benny Hill theme instead.

(We have been watching that DVD a lot in the past few days; I was looking for something for adults that could still be watched with a preschooler in the room and settled on this, and preschooler is fascinated by the idea that all these people are voluntarily taking baths in the beginning. He also appreciates Branagh's pratfall with the chair, and I usually stop the movie soon after that because naked people bathing are one thing; Claudio throwing Hero around is another.)

2. Castiron: With all the remakes Hollywood does, why has no one ever remade any of the Marx Brothers movies?

Spouse: Because it'd be impossible. The plots are nearly non-existent, and no one'd sit through it.

Castiron: True, especially if they kept the musical segments.

Spouse (thinks): Now, if they were remade by Bollywood....

(An Indian remake of Duck Soup or Night at the Opera is now the movie I second most want to see come out of Bollywood. Number one is still a Mansfield Park retelling.)

3. I checked out Iron Man from the library and watched it for the first time. There's a scene in the early part of the movie, where a bunch of bad guys are waiting outside a cave and Tony Stark's about to emerge, nice and dramatic....and I paused the DVD because I noticed one of the guys was wearing a really interesting hat, and I wanted to figure out the technique -- knit? crocheted? something else? And then another pause, because another guy was wearing a hat with filet crochet flowers! Cool!

Yes, I paused at a dramatic moment to look at the needlework. Yes, I'm a knitter/crocheter. Besides, the upcoming minute of film is predictable; the regional headgear is pretty flipping cool.
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1. I've finally started posting the Fic of Doom! Not Yet Dead (on AO3; as a backup, I'll eventually post it on DW/LJ also). BBC Sherlock/Conan Doyle crossover; about 106K words; I'll be posting a chapter every couple of days. (It's not quite *done*, as I still need to make some revisions on the last two chapters, but a complete draft exists, so I'm comfortable posting.)

2. The other morning, while I was getting dressed, I heard spouse saying to younger kid, "No, that's too heavy....oh, dear," followed by devastated weeping and spouse saying, "Hey, it's okay, you just need to wipe it up." When I came down to the kitchen, spouse had still-weeping child on his shoulder and said, "Guess the cliche."

"Crying over spilt milk?"


(Kid calmed down soon afterwards, and has not been deterred from trying to lift the milk jug himself.)

3. Does there exist an Avengers/Avengers crossover fic? Because I'd love to see a conversation between Emma Peel and Natasha Romanoff.
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morning, after older son's fifteenth repetition of a four-note phrase

Spouse: Who has more to answer for? The CEO of J.P. Morgan for causing global financial crisis, or the creators of the new Muppet movie for bringing the song "We Built This City" into the consciousness of children everywhere?

Castiron: Hey, I like that song!

[older son begins sixteenth repetition; spouse just Looks]


evening, after watching some episodes on Youtube

Spouse: James May's Man Lab is like the best parts of Top Gear crossed with The Red Green Show.

(Yes, that's meant to be a positive statement. Yep, I know what someone's getting for Father's Day.)
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Spouse: Why hasn't Elmo ever played the Phantom?

Castiron: That's a very good question.

Spouse: He'd have to do it with Denyse Graves as Christine.

Castiron: And Telly as Raoul, and then the Phantom and Raoul can argue, and Christine can suggest that they cooperate!


(on television, someone sings "Christine!")

Spouse (the auto mechanic): That just makes me think of an entirely different movie.

Castiron: It'd be a great car for the Phantom to drive.


Castiron: Hey, isn't there a car called the Phantom? [Googles] Yeah, the Rolls Royce Phantom. That's what the world needs; a possessed Rolls Royce Phantom named Christine.

Spouse: Now, *there's* a crossover.


Spouse: You know what would really be great? If Freddy Mercury were playing the Phantom.

Castiron: That's a justification for building time machines right there.


Yes, it's beg week on PBS again. (Still. Pretty soon the non-beg week will be the novel and unusual thing.)

ETA: Come on, makeup artists, can't you make a Phantom with a genuinely disturbing face? A few burn ridges? Sheesh. [ETA2: Okay, it's a bit worse at the end, but still, not that disturbing.] I've seen people with more severe facial disfigurements in the grocery store or in the park, and *they* certainly aren't horrifying. Use some flipping imagination!
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Overheard in the Castiron household:

"If you play Sesame Street backwards, do you forget everything you know?"
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[on my commenting that a local restaurant was now open for lunch as well as supper]

Castiron: Yeah, either they're doing enough business to justify it, or they've paid off enough debt that they can afford it.

Spouse: They've paid off enough dead? What?

Castiron: Oh yes. Zombies are of vital importance to the restaurant industry; if they don't support you, your restaurant's doomed. That's why every chef bribes zombies. Why do you think that Zagat starts with Z?


Later over lunch we were stumped by a profound question: are there any actors who have appeared in both a Jane Austen adaptation and a Mel Brooks movie? (ETA: Thanks to [personal profile] lastscorpion, I now know that Cloris Leachman of Frau Blücher fame was in a Sense and Sensibility adaptation that I'd never heard of before.)


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