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Dear obnoxious flea-brained twits fellow grocery shoppers:

Look, I get it. You want to find a parking place, and you'd like to be reasonably close to the store entrance. I totally understand that.

If you've stopped because there's a car about to back out of a parking space, as in their reverse lights are actually on? Great. Wait the fifteen seconds it takes for them to back out so you can get their spot. It's not that big an inconvenience for the rest of us.

If you're stopped because you're waiting for someone to finish loading their groceries into the car (and possibly go put their cart away and then load up their kids)? Fine, claim the spot, but for $DEITY's sake, LEAVE SOME ROOM FOR OTHER CARS TO GET AROUND YOU. Here's a hint: if there are three or more cars behind you waiting, and you keep them sitting for a minute or more because you have to claim this space and are blocking the entire row, you're being a jerk. If there's actually parking spots further back in the lot, you don't need this spot for mobility reasons, and you're blocking people from passing, you're an asswipe.

(This goes double for the people who do this in the Whole Foods parking lot. Congratulations; you just used up all your good-for-the-environment credit by making several cars idle and burn more gas.)

I'm trying to figure out whether this is just a Texas thing or whether it's a past-ten-years thing; I don't remember seeing this nearly so much 15-20 years ago.

(In other news, I found the housing lists in my computer bag, after I'd given up and recreated them. Thanks, Murphy!)
castiron: Hold still when I subject you to my opinion. (opinionation)
"The contents of this pack (needle or any other item) have to be used carefully and for needlework only. These should be used with all due care as these may cause injury if used improperly by an untrained/unfamiliar person. Always restrain children's access to these tools and store these securely."

You know what this was a warning label on? A fricking interchangable knitting needle cord.

Yes, I suppose that one could strangle someone with it or somehow stab someone with the cord key and give them tetanus, and yes, a toddler could probably choke on the end cap, but come ON! A steel crochet hook is more hazardous than this cord, but the one I bought in this same order doesn't have a warning label. No warning label on my new yarn either. (Caution: if swallowed, could tangle in your gut and cause issues.) There is not a warning label this dire on my flipping sewing machine! (Oh. Wait. I got my sewing machine in 1988. Modern ones probably do have "WARNING: THIS THING CAN KILL YOU" on their flimsy plastic shells.)

The only other needlework implement I own that's got this level of warning on it is the needle from the needlefelting kit, and that's at least deserved -- it's not just sharp, it's barbed.

Believe me, of all the needlecraft paraphernalia that I'd be concerned about causing injury to myself or the insufficiently chronologically endowed people in the household (and over thirty-plus years of needleworking I have stepped on a DPN twice, stabbed my finger many times on sewing and cross-stitch needles and occasionally on sharper-pointed knitting needles, injured my thumbnail while doing something dumb with a pair of scissors....), these are *very* low on the list.
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Driving home this evening, I was on a two-lane no-passing road, stuck behind one of these people who's going 10 mph below the speed limit for no apparent reason. As I was alone in the car, cue my usual round of "hey, bozo! it's called an ACCELERATOR! read the speed limit signs, damn it!"

And what then pops up on the iPod? Great Big Sea's "Fast as I Can." "I'm going fast as I can; please don't make me rush...."

That amused me enough to make the remainder of the time bearable.

(Also, my lower register has expanded enough in the past year or so that I can sing along with most GBS songs now in an appropriate octave! Yay!)


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