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1.   You know those decals that parents put in their car's rear window to brag about what school sport their kid plays?  (For readers unfamiliar with this bit of possibly-regional American culture, here's an example.)  Spouse keeps saying he wants to make and sell some with first names of famous dictators.  I now want a set that references Marvel's Avengers -- "Clint" with a bow and arrow, "Thor" with a hammer, "Tony" with a science-club-ish logo, etc.

2.  Tonight's household discussion began with The Cat in the Hat and ended with the idea of William Shatner, Time Lord.  (Yes, there was actually a logical progression.)  (If a Time Lord was a redshirt, would anyone notice that they were regenerating?)

3.  And on that note, is there a Doctor Who fic where Martha Jones says "I'm a doctor, not a TIme Lord"?

4.  Now that we have a PC working well enough to run The Master Genealogist, I've been doing a little bit of genealogy research online, and I've found the marriage licenses for my paternal grandmother's second and third marriages.  (#2 we knew about; #3 we didn't.)  It's very interesting which records list her as widowed (1940 census; marriage license #3 [when there was a license for husband #2 marrying someone else a couple years earlier) and which list her as divorced (marriage license #2, which was after the 1940 census).  (Divorced was almost certainly the correct status, though I've never been able to find any documentation; if the Los Angeles Superior Court's archive & records center is open to the public, some day I want to go there and see what I can find.)

5.  What's especially interesting: When I searched the census index for husband #1, my grandfather (or at least, the person who I get my surname from), who I know was actually alive in 1940 (and for many years afterwards), I did find a person with the right name, age, and birth state...who was an inmate in a federal prison.   While I can't confirm that it's the right guy, if he is, it would certainly explain why my dad and his siblings were told that their father died overseas in WWII when in fact he was alive.

6.  Sadly, everyone who'd know what the heck was really going on with my grandparents is long dead, and they probably wouldn't have been willing to tell the gory truth anyway.

7.  Genealogy is really fun.


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