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My original assignment fic for Yuletide is Missing Persians, a 101 Dalmatians (book) fic. The recipient wanted a Perdita-centric story, and one of her suggestions, that Perdita might form a bond with the white cat over past uncaring owners and loss of children (though temporary in Perdita's case), sparked my interest.

Then when I'd submitted it and was ready to relax, I saw a pinch hit request for Ghostbusters 2016 that included the suggestion "the team appears on Family Feud". I agreed with the recipient that this was a thing that should exist in the world, and now it does: I Ain't 'Fraid of No Feud.

Cabin Pressure fans will recognize the names of the members of the opposing team. I was tempted to write it as a true crossover fic, but besides the fact that I have no idea whether the recipient likes or is even familiar with CP, I quickly realized that I'd have trouble keeping the CP side from taking over; I also couldn't come up with a scenario I'd actually buy where a British team would be playing an American team on Family Feud. So, the allusions are there, but it's not a proper crossover. (That said, it is now my headcanon that Kevin Beckman is the son of Gordon Shappey's sister, and I may yet write a real Ghostbusters/CP crossover fic.)
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I got *two* Peter Wimsey fics for Yuletide, both lovely.

A Brief History of the Patronage of Beatie Wilson. What happens to Beatie after Gaudy Night. This is now my headcanon. The voices and the moral struggles ring true.

Prelude and Fugue on the name of B.A.C.H. (spurious?) Miss Murchison does an investigation for the Cattery and in the process becomes friends with a church organist. The courtship works for me, and there's also some nice tidbits of Lady Mary and Charles Parker at home.

Thank you, fic authors!
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Dear Yuletide Entity,

First, thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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After a conversation on another forum, I now plan to request Duo from Duolingo slash fic the next time I do Yuletide. (But who would be the other character? The bear who drinks beer? The rhinoceros that the man tried to play with? Other?)

(Seriously, I've found Duolingo very helpful for picking up the basics of other languages; it's not enough to make one fluent, but it's enough of a grounding to build from.)
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First, I love the stories I received. I've requested Count of Monte Cristo Mercédès fix-it fic for almost as long as I've been participating in Yuletide; this year, I got *two*. My main gift was Only The Good Which We Can Do, which follows Mercédès's life as a nun post-book; it's beautiful, makes me think a bit of In This House of Brede (one of my favorite books), and is a future Mercédès that I can buy. I also received a lovely short treat, Sunset. And to top it off, I also received a Miss Marple treat, This Thread of Fate.

I haven't made it all the way through the works in sources I know yet, but here's my favorites so far:

there's not a word yet (for old friends who've just met) , Muppet Show. Beaker's POV, a wonderful look at how he sees the world, and the author makes the pairing work for me.

Searching for Snow, Maud Hart Lovelace's Betsy-Tacy novels. This reads like a missing chapter from one of the early books.

The Marriage of Anna. Frozen retold as a Nordic myth.

Frog and Toad Forever. I am in awe. Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad stories were a well-loved part of my childhood reading. This fic author wrote Frog/Toad slash that is lovely and sweet, and they capture the style of the books perfectly.

Communion of Saints, Bujold's Chalionverse. A closer look at some of the saints from the stories.
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Dear Yuletide Entity,

My internet access over Christmas may be nonexistent, so it's possible I won't even see your story until the 30th; if this space is blank, don't worry :-). I'm looking forward to reading it when I'm able to get online.

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Dear Yuletide Entity:

First, the cut-and-paste: I like happy or at least hopeful endings. I'm usually okay with slash, het, or gen; I'm not crazy about 'cest. Gore and graphic violence are squicks; I'd rather not read about any non-con sex that isn't in the source material.

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