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Hypothesis: Godzilla is a Hufflepuff.

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From [personal profile] oursin:

1. If you could choose a super-power, what would it be? If a power that I was born with, immunity to projectile weapons. If a power that I developed as an adult (i.e. I had already formed my moral code and become wary of the law of unintended consequences), telepathy/mind manipulation.

2. What artist (living or dead) would you like to be painted by? Vermeer.

3. Your ideal guest list of historical or fictional figures for a dinner party (6-8 guests seems reasonable)? So many iterations I could come up with! Let's do the dinner party of fictional women:

Jane Marple, from Agatha Christie
Ruth Carroll, from Dean's Secret Country series
Susan Pevensie, from the Narnia Books
Jane Brailsford, from Stevermer's College of Magic
Tocohl Susumo, from Kagan's Hellspark
Ekaterin Vorkosigan, from Bujold
Phryne Fisher, from Kerry Greenwood
Lady Bexbury, from the Comfortable Courtesan series

4. Assuming that you could have all relevant immunisations etc in advance, what historical period/event would you like to visit? 1850s Frederick, Maryland or Dallas, Texas, so I could see how my ancestors lived. Or if I'm able to observe without being seen and having to worry about language/treatment of my gender/etc., the Battle of Salamis.

5. If you were in a book, what would the genre be? If I picked the genre? SF or fantasy utopia. My actual life? Slice-of-life litfic.

Let me know if you'd like five questions!
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I can't remember whose post originally gave me the idea for this, four-and-some years ago; maybe [personal profile] legionseagle?
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Becky Chambers, Record of a Spaceborn Few. A lovely look at an interesting society through the eyes of ordinary people living in the society. Chambers is now on my autobuy list.

Randall Garrett, the Lord Darcy mysteries, Nth reread. I thoroughly enjoy the mysteries, and I find the magic interesting. I wish we saw more of what women do in the society.
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Youngest has just told me that he wants to see a crossover between Simon's Cat and Lord of the Rings.

(This would be more impressive if he were actually familiar with Lord of the Rings beyond seeing Lego Gandalf on YouTube. Nonetheless.)

I'm now picturing the cat and kitten batting the ring back and forth on the edge of Mt. Doom, then one of them hitting it too hard, both watching the ring drop into the lava, then both turning to whoever's there and meowing "feed me".
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Dinner table conversation:

"What if the Frantics sketch 'Ti Kwan Leep' were about Jedi training?"

"Yoda as the sensei!"

"The wine of purity Ti Kwan Leep is."

"Ed Gruberman, fail to grasp Ti Kwan Leep you do."

"Head, boot to."
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The technology meme, via [personal profile] nanila and [personal profile] sonia.

Get off my 8-bit lawn. )
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I had a dream this morning that can be summarized as "Tony Stark gets the One Ring." I find the idea even scarier on waking than I did in the dream.
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Angela Duckworth, Grit. There was a bunch of buzz about this book a year or so ago, and a lot of people apparently took the part about perseverance to heart without reading what she has to say about passion for what you're doing being equally important. I'm still thinking about this book.

Graydon Saunders, The March North, first reread. I enjoy this book, but it's a really difficult read. Having a viewpoint character so immersed in their world that the reader has to puzzle out things from context is one thing, and part of the fun of reading speculative fiction; I'm still not 100% clear on what the standards and focus are, and I don't quite get the jump from "we just did this military action" to "we're establishing a Second Commonweal", but I get enough of it that I can follow along. However, when I'm having to puzzle out *which character is speaking* from context? That gets annoying.

Patricia Wrede, Mairelon the Magician. I especially admire how she writes the climactic section, as more and more people show up in one room, everybody's distinguishable, and everyone has a reason to be there.

Currently reading:

Patricia Wrede, Magician's Ward.

Michael J. Sandel, What Money Can't Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets.

Rainbow Rowell, Carry On. This may be a "well written but not my thing right now" book, but I'm giving it another couple of chapters to see if I get hooked.

In the queue:

Megan Frampton, My Fair Duchess. I can't remember why I checked this out, but I assume it was reviewed on either Mrs. Giggles, SBTB, or Dear Author.

Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent.

Mary Roach, Packing for Mars.


Apr. 4th, 2017 08:47 pm
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Much as I like the people on my LJ friendslist who aren't on DW, I'm not comfortable signing the new terms of service at this time; since I can no longer even view my friends page without doing so, that's it for my time on LJ for now.
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Reruns of The Great British Bake Off are showing on our local PBS station, and Spouse was watching it this afternoon. At one point, ominous music accompanied the failure of a cake.

SPOUSE: Wow, is someone about to get killed? This sounds more like a murder mystery. Is there poison in one of the cakes?

CASTIRON: Midsomer Bake Off?

SPOUSE: I'd watch that.
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I'm trying to find a series of Discworld fics that I read many years ago (where "many" = "at least nine years ago and quite possibly fifteen or more"). Of course, I have no memory whatsoever of the titles or author. I've already looked on AO3 and haven't found it.
I do recall that it involved aged Vimes/Vetinari. )
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Starbucks has a new drink called the Cascara Latte. All I can think of is Water. "The rebel will not speak until the island has its own chain of coffee shops."


Jan. 2nd, 2017 09:57 pm
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I'm not planning to stop crossposting my public DW posts to LJ at this time, though I might stop cross-posting private posts. If anyone on LJ needs to find me on DW, the username's the same.
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My original assignment fic for Yuletide is Missing Persians, a 101 Dalmatians (book) fic. The recipient wanted a Perdita-centric story, and one of her suggestions, that Perdita might form a bond with the white cat over past uncaring owners and loss of children (though temporary in Perdita's case), sparked my interest.

Then when I'd submitted it and was ready to relax, I saw a pinch hit request for Ghostbusters 2016 that included the suggestion "the team appears on Family Feud". I agreed with the recipient that this was a thing that should exist in the world, and now it does: I Ain't 'Fraid of No Feud.

Cabin Pressure fans will recognize the names of the members of the opposing team. I was tempted to write it as a true crossover fic, but besides the fact that I have no idea whether the recipient likes or is even familiar with CP, I quickly realized that I'd have trouble keeping the CP side from taking over; I also couldn't come up with a scenario I'd actually buy where a British team would be playing an American team on Family Feud. So, the allusions are there, but it's not a proper crossover. (That said, it is now my headcanon that Kevin Beckman is the son of Gordon Shappey's sister, and I may yet write a real Ghostbusters/CP crossover fic.)
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I got *two* Peter Wimsey fics for Yuletide, both lovely.

A Brief History of the Patronage of Beatie Wilson. What happens to Beatie after Gaudy Night. This is now my headcanon. The voices and the moral struggles ring true.

Prelude and Fugue on the name of B.A.C.H. (spurious?) Miss Murchison does an investigation for the Cattery and in the process becomes friends with a church organist. The courtship works for me, and there's also some nice tidbits of Lady Mary and Charles Parker at home.

Thank you, fic authors!
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Open Road Media gave me an early Christmas surprise -- Rumer Godden's In This House of Brede is finally available as an ebook. It seems to be at a sale price today (Friday the 16th), at least in the U.S. -- Amazon and Barnes and Noble have it for $2.99, and Google Play for $1.99. (Regular ebook price is apparently going to be $14.99 -- ouch!)

I've loved this book ever since I first read it. The characters fascinate me, and it's an excellent example of omniscient viewpoint done very well indeed.


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