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Our current television is an old CRT that's doing just fine with a converter box. It produces a lot of heat, though, and presumably is drawing a fair amount of current.

If your main criterion for a television was minimal power consumption, what kind would you get?
(Yeah, yeah, "no television" is the optimal solution to that one.) LCD or LED, or wait for something else coming down the road?
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Anyone have particular iTouch/iPhone apps they especially recommend? (Yes, Santa Claus/my parents were very good to me!)

I'm already planning to get:

* Stanza
* Toodledo's app
* Snowmint's Budget app
* that free level app, even though it doesn't actually work that well, because the concept is just so cool

I'm interested in:

* a basic astronomy app (I used Planetarium on the Palm and found it a little challenging to use but good as far as the star maps and planet locations went) * a basic checklist that handles multiple lists (mainly for trip packing, but also useful for party planning; Simple Pack may be what I want, but we'll see)
* a solitaire app that includes a two-deck version of Spider
* possibly a simple database, though in practice I'm not sure I'd use it that much
* in the massive wishful thinking mode, a decent genealogy app (actually, I really want The Master Genealogist for Mac with a coordinating iTouch app,
neither of which is ever happening)


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