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Dear weather:  Seriously?  You think these are appropriate December temperatures?  Even in Texas, there are limits.  Can we have a few weeks where the temperature never goes above 80F?

Dear Ethelbert: You're going to be the one who decides to hang out until well after his due date, aren't you?  Which inconvenient/annoying date are you holding out for -- the three days next week when Daddy has jury duty, or December 14 so I can get my hopes up about seeing The Hobbit and have them dashed?  (Yeah, I know, you're not even at your due date yet.  But you've outgestated both your brothers and all my sister's kids.)

Dear oldest son: This spitting thing is getting really annoying.  Also, it is weirding me out that you're starting to get a bit of a mustache -- whatever happened to "beardless youth"?  (Though it's rather cool too.  But you're not even high school age yet.)

Dear soon-to-be-middle son: This thing where you say "Why not?" when you actually mean "Why?" -- yeah, you've been doing it for a long time, but 4.5 is old enough to figure out that "Why?" is actually the question you want to ask.  (Oh, well, you're starting to fix other parts of your question syntax, so hopefully this'll straighten out soon too.)  (I will kinda miss "What you doonin?" for "What're you doing?" and the constructions like "Where the movie is?")

Dear spouse:  Huh.  You're right.  The musical Les Miserables would totally work restaged as as zombie apocalypse.


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