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1. How fricking long does it take for me to write this blasted chapter 9 on the stupid Fic of Doom? Way too damn long. Argh!

2. This week's topic of discussion in the Castiron household: What if International Rescue were staffed by the Teletubbies rather than by the Tracy family?

3. Certain episodes of certain television shows really do not hold up well to being watched in 5-10 minute segments over several weeks. The acting still works, and the emotional tension if anything is increased in spite of my being spoiled, but the dubious parts of the plot are, well, dubious.
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3c. While I think the writers will be able to pull off the smaller fix-it believably, previous episodes have caused me to lose faith in their ability to pull off the bigger picture fix-it. (That said, if they decided "you know, we've set up a problem that really *isn't* fixable -- let's run with it as broken and see what that does to the stories"? That would be *awesome*.)

4. After 30+ years of turning yarn into sweaters and socks and other useful objects, I'm not particularly impressed by my ability to do so. But turning fluff into yarn? That's still *cool.* (I'm also very glad that technology has made it something I can do occasionally for fun rather than something I have to do to clothe my family.)

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